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Slow step with fashion

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During last years it’s often spoken about problems related to environment and consideration for our nature. This topic goes through many areas and fashion industry in not a exception. We can often hear words such as eco friendly, slow or sustainable fashion and the sustainability is not only with regard to textile materials and final products, it’s a whole fashion system with related social, economic and ecological aspects. We are not just interested in used materials and place of manufacturing but also in which conditions are products made in. We can observe that for supposedly cheap and fast consuming fashion is paid much higher price. On the contrary high quality and often at the first sight more expensive products which are made in fair conditions, in suitable quantity and with respect to our planet is a good investment both into your wardrobe as well as to our future


More and more both large and small fashion brands aim to follow principles of sustainable fashion and one of them is a Portuguese shoe manufacturer Asportuguesas. This brand brings to the market unusual, comfy and eco friendly products, you can read more in my article “Stop by cork“. While during the summer we had in our offer mainly flip-flops, now you can choose among easy to wear slip-on sneakers, classical sneakers with laces or mules with rounded top all in various colors. Maybe too original and extraordinary design can make you doubt about these shoes at least for the first sight. But it’s always good to try something new and as soon as you wear shoes by Asportuguesas, you will realize that you like their playfulness and that they are unbelievably nice and comfy on your feet. Despite the fact that current situation is really complicated and demanding, it’s good time to please yourself or choose these shoes as a gift for your loved ones.

Yours Tereza,
from Portuguesa team.

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