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À vossa saúde! Cheers!

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I have to admit that port wine wasn't always my favourite. I knew that it is red, sweet and good with desserts. I completely changed my opinion after visiting Porto where I had tasted a lot, had combined it with various meals and had been surprised which kinds of Port wine existed and how great it was. Today I like it really much. This Christmas is not an exception and I’m already looking forward to enjoy a glass of port wine. What about to bring a piece of Portugal to your home and add this unique dessert liqueur wine (= wine which is added alcohol to, so called fortified) to your Christmas dining.

Port wine could be a good tip for a nice Christmas gift but it’s also perfect already during your Christmas dinner. You can start with it as well as wait after your meal. Although Port wine is more often drunk as a digestif, it is also possible to have it as an aperitif (especially white one and cold). There is a lot of possibilities for foodpairing. Besides typical drinking with sweet desserts, it fits to cheese too (mainly to ripened cheese). Find your favourite combination. Have fun during degustation together with Christmas sweets with your family or friends. Or enjoy just a glass of Port wine relaxing by a fireplace (you can add cigar, if you smoke). Port wine shouldn’t miss on your Christmas table this year! You can choose from our offer. More information about origin of port wine and different kinds is below.


Good meals and drinks belong inherently to Portugal. A speciality is port wine which si an essential part of Portuguese lifestyle. In this wine there is a piece of history, tradition, touch of Portuguese sun as well as beauties and wildness of a nature in a valley of Douro river. The place where port wine comes from. Douro region even belongs to UNESCO. We differ between common and special styles. The most common is red port wine, typical as ruby (cheaper and very common, it has red color and fruty taste) and tawny (sweet or semi-dry with golden brown color, it aged in wooden barrels). It may surprise you that there also exist white port wine (they can range from dry to very sweet). These wines are made from white grapes and are popular for cocktails. When you drink white port wine itself, it should be nicely cold. It can have even dark color after aging in wooden barrels. All other styles belong to special port wines, for instance Reserva, LBV, aged Tawny wines, Vintage or Colheita. If you want to be sure that the wine is an original one, notice whether there is a paper sticker on a top of a bottle. There has to be always written VINHO DO PORTO“ and “GARANTIA“ as well as a batch number registered in IVDP (Institute of wines from Douro and Porto).

Yours Tereza from Portuguesa team.


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