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Let’s start the new year 2021 healthy

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An integral part of a Portuguese cuisine is olive oil which is marked as ones of the healthiest cooking material ever. It contains many healthy substances such as monounsaturated fatty acids, antioxidants or vitamins E and K. If we use olive oils regularly, it shall work as a prevention to diseases of affluence. Besides it should contribute to reduce risk of heart and bloodstream diseases, to support good digestion and supposedly also to slow down aging process. Another advantage is that olive oil is simply gained by pressing from olives and it’s not necessary to add any chemicals ingredients. It’s also great the you can use olive oil during various special diets even for a reduction one. The same food portions cooked with olive oil have less calories than meals prepared with other mainly animal fats. We chose for you special aromatic olive oils made by José Gourmet. There is an oil in combination with piri piri, lemon or rosemary.  Doesn’t matter which one would like to try, all of them are high quality and will fit perfect for both flavouring and cooking.


Another tip is to enrich your diet by fish oil. Maybe you still remember when you had to eat fish oil and only this image makes feel you sick. Fortunately there are much more enjoyable way how to get this healthy fat to your body. In Portugal sea fish is common meal and one of the most favourite are sardines. This fish is really popular and has long tradition here. In the past they had to even regulate consumption of them. In 15th century it was allowed to fish sardines only on Sunday and feast days. In 17th century any export of sardines was forbidden and they started to be served with a slice of bread to reduce eaten amount of them. It’s not surprising that this small fish is so popular. When you add sardines and thus fish oil to your plate, it will help to improve cholesterol level, reduce high bloodpressure as well as a risk of cardiovascular diseases. Fish oil also contains vitamins A and D, omega 3 acids which support a prevention to Alzheimer's disease, dementia or diabetes. Besides they taste great! Certainly, all these beneficial effects have also another sea fish. In our offer you can also choose mackerel, cod, sea trout or stickleback. What’s more, canned fish made by a Portuguese brand José Gourmet have very nice and original packaging design.

Whether you prefer fish or think about to add olive oil to your favourite meal, remember it tastes the best in a good company. Invite your loved ones and enjoy together a piece of Portugal!

Yours Tereza from Portuguesa team.


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