PORTUGUESA.cz shop brings you a wide range of traditional Portuguese products that cannot find anywhere else in the Czech Republic. In our shop you will find exclusive wines made by family wineries for more than 5 generations, or fashion accessories from cork for men and women.

Most of our products are being grown under natural conditions without any chemicals.

You won’t find any ordinary, boring porcelain in PORTUGUESA shop. Here, we offer you a whole gallery of handmade products created by originated Portuguese artists.

We deal with the import of BIO food products, decoration items or home accessories - ceramics, tiles, as well as lifestyle accessories from the Portuguese cork. Our goal is to maintain the spirit of friendly behaviour to the nature and to treat it with respect. It was this idea that was the most prominent, when our business was born.

Nowadays, large corporations are pushing small producers through low feed-in tariffs and, in fact, force them to sell more for less. Because of that, the risk of selection of drastical production methods by the producers, reduction of their costs and investments into the future development of their business (which also creates the so-called subsidy dependence), is the main reason of food quality decrease - and the large supermarkets are feeding us this. We are not speaking about the rocketing popularity of big trade centers and supermarkets, which is trying to push up still more and more products under one roof, and this approach is liquidating the traditional manufacture and its true values, which is at least a sad story.

Our goal and mission is to preserve the tradition, that has been cultivated and kept for centuries, being passed from generation to generation, because we can’t afford it to disappear completely. Everyone remembers the excellent traditional products, that you can taste in different Portuguese markets or fairs. Our offer of Portuguese food will allow you to have these products on your table without the need to go to the traditional Portuguese markets.

We are glad to know, that still more and more people are aware of the importance of traditional production of food produced in a small-scale production - family farms, factories, etc. Such products are very healthy and aren’t depleted by the necessary nutrients, which are unfortunately lost due to large-scale production. Thus such nutrients are being replacing with various “E" or other health-damaging substitutes, causing unnecessary burden on the organism, which is just the right ground for the health problems.

Portuguese BIO food means, that the special attributes of our foods are directly connected to the Portugal where they are produced, and, therefore, do not come from any "inter-production", nor their raw materials are grown elsewhere. Given that all raw materials are grown in domestic breeds or farms directly in Portugal, these foods are of an excellent quality, due to their quality and taste. And when you see the "Portuguese food" label, it means that, for example, all raw materials that come directly from dairies in Portugal are used for curd, and the cows in these dairies were fed with grasses and local groves.

We select our suppliers thoroughly. Fresh Portuguese food from local farms is delivered only from suppliers, who are 100 % reliable. We will be glad to offer you quality organic food, which will be the ideal solution for those who enjoy the vegetarian or vegan-style meals.

Our online store is for those who care about their health and the health of their beloved ones. We work carefully and responsibly for those, who care, where the food come from, how it is manufactured and what does it contain. In the times of unhealthy amount of chemicals in common food, we offer you a healthy alternative - Portuguese BIO products. The ones who love wines from the sunshine areas, that contain the energy of sun and hills near the sea, will find excellent Portuguese wines, which will be the gem of your table, either they are served for the festival or relaxation.

Visit our store - experience the ture Portuguese atmosphere in Prague!