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All you need is love

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If you have ever been in our store in Prague, you will probably remember that it consists of four connected rooms. Our products can be also divided into for main categories (Portuguese ceramics, natural cosmetics, cork products and Portuguese delis). Why to look for Valentine’s surprises in our shop? You will get not only a nice gift for your loved ones but also guarantee of originality and quality.

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Just a little bit different bouquet.

Surprise your loved ones with an original, fragrant as well as useful gift. Choose from natural body cosmetics or soaps with various flower scents. The range is wide from rose, jacaranda and lavender to cactus, poppy and fresh cut grass. Other great present tips are room fragrances and aromatic candles. Select classic roses, popular levander or discover an aroma of cotton-plant, verbena or peony in combination with cedar. Create a cosy atmosphere at your home and enjoy a wonderful not only Valentine’s evening. You will for sure do right when you add also a few real flowers.

Love goes through the stomach.

There is always a good reason to enjoy a glass of great Porto wine or to combine tasty with healthy and indulge for instance traditional Portuguese sardines. You may think that to give someone as a gift meal or drink as boring. It’s not about products themselves but mainly about time you spend together with your loved ones. I’m pretty sure that these moments won’t be boring not in the least.


Classical but good.

Ones of typical gifts are jewelry or handbags and purses. Would you like to please your loved ones but also give them something more meaningful? Then cork products are a perfect solution for you. Such items are both fashionable and respectful to our planet. The cork is repeatedly extracted from cork oaks, so it’s a naturally renewable material. You will be nicely surprised how original as well as beautiful can be cork earrings, necklace or ring. Cork is also perfect for manufacturing handbags, purses and shoes.

Dining like in a restaurant.

Would you like to enjoy Valentine's dinner in your favourite restaurant? Prepare a surprise for your loved ones and create a unique atmosphere from the restaurant at home. No matter if you cook by yourself or order the meal and support your favourite place,  serve your dinner with creativity, originality as well as sense of humour. Let your imagination work and choose from our offer of Bordallo Pinheiro pieces.

I wish you happy St. Valentine’s Day full of love! It can be love between partners, friends, parents and children or self love…Of course we should show love regularly during the whole year and not to wait just for this particular day. On the other hand we can sometimes forgot to share our feelings and emotions and Valentine’s Day can be a useful reminder for us.

Your Tereza from Portuguesa team.

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