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How to live in covid time?

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The whole world more than a year fights against coronavirus. On the background of world crisis there are everyday individual fights, crisis of individuals, couples and families which aren’t less serious and which can influence our lives for a long time. I have never detracted situation regarding covid but last summer I was pretty sure that it’s over and everything would return to normality. The longer this time is the more I realize that it either directly or indirectly touches everyone and that we will have

2-1404_portuscale_butterflies_diffuser_8.jpgto wait still a few months for returning the world at least a little bit similar to the one we knew before. Anyway we must temporarily accept that things which we consider as matter of course turned into precious ones. We will appreciate them much more afterwards and now it’s necassary try to keep both our sanity and healthy distance. I know that one thing is to write about something and other to apply it in life especially when we have to deal with many new things from work on home office and online studying to health and financial problems.

Do what you love to do. 
Yes, it can seems too simple, but it really works! Find at least short time for something what fulfill you and you enjoy it. It can be practising sport, listening to your favourite music, walking in a nature, making a cake, reading a book, meditation or for instance just slow down for a moment sit down and do nothing. It can be only a few minutes which will make the whole day better. If you have many responsibilities and you often realize at the end of the week that you haven't stop, it’s better to create a notification in your cell phone. You will see that suddendly you will have more energy, more joyful mood and feeling that you will somehow manage everything.
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Meet with your loved ones at least online. 
We all wish to go out with our friends and spend time with your family as we were used to. Fortunately it’s not a problem to meet each other in a meantime leastwise online. It can’t of course substitute personal contact but even during video call we can have fun together, discuss everything necessary and while doing so to prepare something good to eat or have a glass of your favourite wine.  As soon as the situation is better, we will enjoy all missed hugs and kisses.

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Be at least for a while offline and relax during manual activities.
In a modern era we are always available and online. Although it’s great to use all newest technologies for instance to be in touch with our friends and family as it’s mentioned above. Take a break from social media, messages and emails at least from time to time. The moments you will gain can be used for something what you have always postponed or for learning something new. You will break daily routine as well as change your thoughts. What about try to prepare unusual meal or make a yummy dessert?

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Buy a little gift just for better day or surprise your loved ones.

Although most of stores are closed and maybe you don’t have the right mood for shopping, on the other hand e-shops are fully available and you will pretty sure find a necessary trifle there. You can also please your loved ones with a little gift. Recently I received from my good friend a package with nice trifles for improving my mood. It was such a nice surprise and it really made my day! Maybe you even know someone who has financial problems and just such a support and help could help them a lot.

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Turn your daily routines into small mental exercises.

Choose such an activity which you do repeatedly for instance teeth cleaning or hand washing. Whenever you do it try to concentrate on something you are looking forward to, dream about it or wish to achieve it. If it is difficult for you, you can also focus on something you already have and are grateful for it. It can seems to be weird and stupid leastwise at the beginning but as soon as you will repeat these positive thoughts regularly, you will see that you will feel better. Besides you do such activities anyway so why not to use this time more effectively.

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I hope this information can be useful for some of you and I would appreciate your tips how you make actual demanding days better.

I wish you all a lot of health and energy!

Yours Tereza,
from Portuguesa team.

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