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Your special moments deserve special Port wines.

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Summer is in a full swing and hot days don’t leave us cold. Maybe it is just my feeling but it seems like there is a better mood and greater contentment with sunny days. I believe that this time easing of restriction is not temporary but definitive and we will enjoy summer time to maximum as well as appreciate things which used to be matter of course for us.

Cafes and restaurants come back to life, foreign tourists are slowly returning and I am really happy that also the time when we welcome a new customers in our Portuguesa store is getting shorter. It’s surely a reason to celebrate so let me make a symbolic toast with nothing else than Port wine. I already wrote the article about Port wine but this time I would like to focus on a category of special Port wines such as Vintage Port wines or LBV (Late Bottled Vintage). Why are these wine unique and what is the difference between them?

Port wines Vintage or when it’s worth to wait.

These wines belong among the best port wines at all. Only grapes from a harvest of one year, from one wineyard and very often also just of one kind can be used for a production of Vintage. Wine houses decide in spring during the second year after the harvest whether quality of their grapes is good enough for designation wine as Vintage. If so a sample is then sent to IVDP (Instituto dos Vinhos do Douro e Porto = Institute of wines from Douro and Porto). Not every year is suitable for making this the most famous Port wine which represent 2% from the whole Port production. Vintage wines age in barrels for 2,5 years at maximum. Such relatively short time for aging preserve dark ruby colour and fruity flavour of them. Then ithe wine is bottling and ages in bottles usually for 10 – 40 years. We drink Vintage Port wines only in small amount. It can be either drunk alone or it is possible to foodpair it for instance with dark chocolate, strong cheeses but also with beef steaks. Enjoy this wine jewel and make the moments which are importatn for you even more unique.


Port wines LBV, when you want something special without waiting.

Late Bottled Vintage wines were created by coincidence. It should have been originally classic Vintage Port wine but due to low demand it stayed in barrels longer than was planned. LBV Ports age from 4 to 6 years in barrels and afterwards it is bottling. This wine has dark red colour and fruity flavour and it is made from grapes from one harvest. We know filtered and unfiltered version. Filtered LBV is possible to consume immediately. There is not necessary further aging in bottles and it is lighter in comparison to Vintage Port wines. Whereas unfiltered wines need to be decanted (cleaned from sediment) before consumption. It is recommended to let this wine in bottles at least for 3 years. Unfiltered LBV can age the same long as Vintage Port wines and then it is really difficult to distinguish between them. During pleasant summer evening, you will surely find an occasion to enjoy a glass of delicious LBV Port wine with your loved ones. Not only that the enjoyment of this wine is comparable to Vintage Port wines but there is not that long part of waiting before the wine is perfect for drinking.

Other special Port wines, which are available in our offer, are also Ruby Reserve Port, Tawny Port with indication of age - 10 years20 years or white Port wines with age indication - 10 years, 20 years. Discover the taste of Portugal through this unique drink. Just stop for a while and please your senses with beautiful ruby colour, delicious taste as well as engaging scent. It seems like Port wine has really a piece of Portuguese sun inside.

I wish you to have this summer unforgettable,
Yours Tereza
from Portuguesa team.


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