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What is behind the one natural soap?

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Bar soaps are one of the most favourite products which you buy at Portuguesa. It’s nothing surprising as Portuguese soaps are really worth your attention. They scent nicely and often also unusually as well as belong to natural cosmetic products with a long tradition in manufacturing which in combination with latest technologies creates unique pieces. We will discover a little bit of information from behind the scene and check what is a necessary procedure before the soaps come to shops and to your bathrooms. I chose a Portuguese brand Ach Brito which is one of the most cherished and ancient companies existing in Portugal. The  motto of this firm is "Preserve the past. Hearten the present. Challenge the future.” Both history of Ach Brito and experience with soap production have lasted for more than one hundred years. During manufacturing they very emphasize on quality not only in  careful selection of the best raw materials and processing but also regarding to product packaging and design. Know how is passed on from generation to generation and original manufacturing methods are used till today.

So, how are soaps made in Ach Brito? 
The whole process can be divided into several phases.

Firstly all necessary ingredients are mixed together (such as for instance soap paste, perfume or essential oils). Mixing is repeated until there isn’t created a mixture with the same consistency. This is followed with rolling when a homogeneous material which contains an exact amount of all substances is made. In the next step air is removed from the soap paste ensuring the soaps will be solid and long-lasting. Then the paste is compacted into one long bar soap. This long bar soap is cut into individual soaps which are molded into a final shape one by one. Another stage is a careful quality control. Qualified technicians allow that only those soaps which perfectly meet quality standards are sent to packaging phase. In the last step the quality is checked once again and only if everything is fine, the soaps are hand-wrapped. This requires precision, technique knowledge and last but not least love and care.

Afterwards the soaps can be shipped to stores. Concerning Ach Brito brand besides Portugal they are exported into more then 50 countries. Combine nice with useful and enjoy a unique care for your hands. In our offer you can currently find natural bar soaps with propolis, aloe vera, pine tar or pumice-stone. These soaps both nourish your skin and have also protective and antibacterial effects. Besides these they scent beautifully.

Have nice and fresh March days!

Your Tereza,
from Portuguesa team 


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