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Unlimited imagination in limited editions

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Is it possible to call dishes and ceramic decorations as a real art? There is no doubt after checking the pieces made by Bordallo Pinheiro. This famous Portuguese brand brings a lot of original products manufactured with sophisticated details. When you explore their collections, you will be surprised which shapes and forms can be used for a plate or for instance for a bowl. Each collection is created on specific topic but there is always a dose of creativity, imagination, extraordinary design as well as playfulness and sense of humour. Besides these (un)ordinary dishes and home decoration, Bordallo Pinheiro introduce also some ceramic uniques which exist only in a limited number of pieces in the whole world and each of this original is certificated. These amazing pieces are made by various artists from Portugal and Brasil who took inspiration in Raphael Bordallo Pinheiro's work and weren't afraid to let their imagination work.

One of these limited editions is a special collection called “WWB – Worldwide Bordallianos“. You can admire, in a limited number of 250 pieces, “Figo“ (= fig) by Paula Rego (Portuguese visual artist living in London)


And “Banana Prata Madeira“ (= “silver“ banana from Madeira) by Nini Andrade Silva (one of the most prestigious interior designers in the world; born in Madeira Island).

Another also really interesting piece of art is a soup terrine “Caldos da Rainha“ made by a Brazilian artist Adriana Barreto. This terrine belongs to a special collection “20BB - Bordallianos do Brasil“ and you can find it our offer. What’s more this extraordinary decoration is possible to be seen in our Prague store! You are very welcome to come and enter into an artists universe where the limits are given by your imagination and thus nothing is impossible.

Yours Tereza from Portuguesa team.

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