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A fall inspiration which you will like to smell

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Present complicated situation is demanding and full of challenges for lot of us. The more it’s important to behave responsible but also try to be in a good mood and not forget enjoying little things and please your loved ones. I chose for you products made by a Portuguese brand Castelbel as a gift Inspiration. This company specializes in scents both for home and perfumed cosmetic products.

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Aromatic soaps – nice as well as useful

You could think, at least at the first sigh, that soap as a gift is non-original, average, just to have something to gift. We also buy soaps for ourselves mainly as a common daily need. Not every soap is like that and the ones by Castelbel will nicely surprised you with unique nice scent as well as original packaging. These days there is a huge accent on washing our hands. Besides this routine, which is for most of us necessary, we also started to use more various disinfectants or wear one-use only plastic gloves and our skin is suffering. When you choose the soap which provides not only hygienic but also moisturizing care, you will indulge yourself or your loved ones health protection and to the skin a protection against dryness.

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Your fragrant home (office)

Not only fall days made us spending more time at home. No matter whether you work, study with your kids or enjoy relaxing time at home you will feel better in a nice and cozy atmosphere. Some of us prefer candles, other ones room scents or diffusers as well as each of us has different favorite aroma. I’m pretty sure that in our Castelbel home scents offer everyone will choose the right one.


The fact that in Castelbel they have literally the right nose for a good products is confirmed by a great success of this company. During 20 years of its existence they changed from a small business with six employes into well known brand selling products in 50 countries worldwide. The name Castelbel consists of two parts. A name of the city where the brand is located - Castêlo da Maia and a word beauty (belaza). This brand emphasizes on quality, traditional manufacturing and hand packaging and aim to offer luxury products at affordable prices. Do not hesitate to check what the owner says: „We don’t make products, but gifts“.

Whether you prefer to stop by in our store or rather make an online order from your home, we are looking forward to you and are grateful for your support!

Yours Tereza, from Portuguesa team.

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