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Ceramic decoration which rocks

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If you have already visited our store in Prague (Panská 891/5, Prague 1), you for sure remember the part with our ceramics. You feel like you suddenly enter into a world of fantasy which is full of colors and you are just impressed what can be as an Inspiration for plates, cups or vases. In an offer of well know Portuguese brand Bordallo Pinheiro there are so many things which worth seeing that we had to use one whole room just for this ceramics. Besides typical ceramic dishes, though even an ordinary plate is unordinary in a case of Bordallo Pinheiro, there are also ceramic decorations as well as products which are literally pieces of art. (You can read more here: What else caught my attention were ceramic figures inspired by famous people. I have to say that I’ve never seen something like that. Although I wasn’t sure whether I like it or not, I was pretty sure that these items are extraordinary and no matter if you display them at home or in your office, they will be noticed by every visit.

I believe that I will please all rock music lovers and mainly fans of a legendary music group The Rolling Stones. Among these ceramic figures there is also Mick Jagger’s caricature. Big singing mouths might seem to be too extravagant but extravagance and originality just belong to rock stars. As a manufacturer himself says, our current world is full of uncertainty and changes but we can still be sure that such a timeless legend as a frontman of The Rolling Stones will still please and amuze us by singing, dancing and will be a source of a great inspiration for us. If you don’t like stereotype and enjoy extraordinary things, then this ceramic decoration is perfect for you. If you prefer less crazy pieces, you can choose the ceramics from other collections but you should at least check these unusual items anyway.

Yours Tereza from Portuguesa team.

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